the 3 c’s of a good relationship

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pandora jewellery Try to include non advertising graphics, pictures, photos, and art in your blog entries. Not too much. Once a week is fine. What is most disturbing about the editorial is how it provides virtually near zero context for Apple position by, once again, diminishing it: CEO Tim Cook has become increasingly concerned about customer privacy, particularly after 2013 revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden about massive government surveillance. Using the word trivializes Apple position, especially since Snowden revelations about the National Security Agency (NSA) vacuum surveillance of communications, social connections, use of facial recognition on photos and myriad invasive techniques is for those of us who actually understand what is going on here and abroad one of the actual, biggest threats to our Constitution and to liberty itself. In my view, the NSA possibly illegal (and certainly counter to its non domestic spying mandate) activities are jeopardizing our national security far more than an individual terrorist iPhone pandora jewellery.