This isn really an appropriate blog post

This isn really an appropriate blog post for this assessment. Make sure you read your assessment criteria. The posts need to be on media analysis. Actually, it’s just in the last month.Piggy and Kermit announced the “news” of their going our separate ways on Tuesday in Beverly Hills in a confab with TV critics. Who were aghast, of course.USA TODAYIt Splitsville for Miss Piggy and KermitSo what’s going on? Is it the weather? Something in the air or thewater? Is it thetimeswe live in, the terrible horrible no good very bad era of 24/7 spotlight on celebrities and their marriages?Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy in March 2014. (Photo: ROBYN BECK, AFP/Getty Images)Probably a little of all of that (well, except the water; there isn’t any in California where manyceleb divorces originate), say some public relations and relationship experts.”A lot of publicists and theircelebrity clients still believethat if it breaks on a Friday it won’t get as much traction,” Shuter says.

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