Amazingly, though, Willis set exactly the same time as before

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cheap celine outlet Get motors updates directly to your inbox SubscribeThank you for subscribing!The weekend saw two days of hillclimb action at Doune, in Perthshire, covering both British Cheap Celine Bags and Scottish Championships, as well as the Kingdom Stages Rally, in Fife.In the British Hillclimb Championship, Trevor Willis, from Worcestershire, extended his lead to 27 points over Kincardine’s Wallace Menzies last Sunday.Points are scored according to positions in the two Top 12 Run Offs at each meeting. Dave Uren won the first of these in the car he shares with Nicola Menzies with a time of 35.67 seconds, just ahead of Alex Summers on 35.74 and Willis on 35.96.For most drivers, the second run off was slower than the first. Amazingly, though, Willis set exactly the same time as before and scored maximum points for the seventh time in the 12 rounds held so far. cheap celine outlet

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