Pylori is up against 100,000 times the number of hydrogen ions

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Cheap Canada Goose Putting yourself in a situation when you have to depend on someone or something you don’t trust can bring you nothing but a bad experience. But, perhaps it’s a problem you don’t trust, but should. It’s a matter of healthy estimation here. Pylori is up against 100,000 times the number of hydrogen ions as it would be in ordinary water of pH 7. So how do the bacteria Canada Goose Outlet make a living in our stomach? It turns out that, among other things, they produce the enzyme urease (see image; cross your eyes to see the protein model in 3D!), which converts our body’s own urea to ammonia and CO2. Ammonia is a base, so it acts to neutralize stomach acid in its immediate vicinity. Cheap Canada Goose

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